Lodging In Deer Harbor

Deer Harbor provides visitors with a variety of lodging options in and around the town available to boaters hoping for some land bound comfort, or visitors preparing for their whale watching tour. The resort community in Deer Harbor has a long and cherished history in the area, providing quality accommodations and very fine local dining to residents and visitors for over one hundred years. Many historic locations were turned into inns and resorts by their owners as the town expanded and visitor traffic increased. These cherished locations not only provide the perfect evening’s comfort, but can also serve as venues for special events including weddings, reunions, and club retreats.

Vacations rentals are also a very popular option for short and long term visitors to Deer Harbor. The community’s picturesque environment has attracted generations of ambitious landscapers and many of these top quality homes are available in season. Rentals and Air B&Bs are typically situated near the water, or on prominent vistas with views towards the harbor and nearby islands. These prime locations are also suitable for get-togethers and large family excursions.

The harbor’s convenient location also makes it a great home base for exploring the country and marine wonders of the San Juan Islands. Visiting local farms and ranches in season or hiking up nearby Turtleback Mountain are also popular excursion options. Take day trips across the water to the nearby islands. When the day ends you’ll find high quality, country-style lodgings available for rest, relaxation, and planning the next day’s adventures. Stay at Deer Harbor and immerse yourself in the beauty of Orcas Island.