Dining In Deer Harbor

It’s hard to find a more peaceful and pastoral setting than Deer Harbor for eating out on Orcas Island. All restaurant venues offer comfortable outdoor seating with a view of the harbor and nearby islands, in addition to spacious indoor arrangements. Come to the local lodging restaurants for fine dining featuring a variety of courses including seafood, steak, and homemade blackberry cobbler among other delicious items. They also offer seasonal treats such as Valentine’s Day sweetheart dinners and Thanksgiving Day turkey roasts.

Boaters and visitors can restock and have lunch at the Marina store on the dock, a favorite local pastime. The Marina is one of the oldest eating establishments in Deer Harbor and has been serving locals and visitors quick and delicious meals for decades. Try out pasta, pizza, apple pie, and other locally made delicacies among the small but diverse collection of eateries in the heart of town. Enjoy the food and beauty of the San Juan Islands at Deer Harbor!