If you’re looking for a slice of land in Deer Harbor then you will be well served by several highly rated realty companies staffed with experienced professionals. Many islanders will tell you that personal property is one of the most beloved aspects of living on Orcas and, if you’re acquiring property or maintaining it, Orcas Island offers the service professionals you need to get the job done.

Don’t forget to check out local options for catering, guest entertainment, and marine services here in Deer Harbor. Restaurants and vacation homes have long been used for social gatherings of all kinds throughout the island’s history. The ever popular whale watching and charter boat services also make their boats available for special events like weddings and educational field trips.

Boat works, diving services, and the Deer Harbor Marina can supply local, visiting, and prospective boat owners with the expertise and support needed to keep your maritime adventures fun and smooth. Food and fuel can be had at the Marina; while the nearby Westsound Marina possesses the only dry dock on Orcas Island and is staffed by longtime professionals able and willing to supply all of your maintenance needs.